Liam Gallagher - As You Were (Deluxe Edition)

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As You Were (Deluxe Edition) Tracklist:

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The songs on this album are great and sung by that unique voice of his too. I love this album. The songs really make you sit back and think!


Some proper bangers and some slow soulful tunes. I put on the vinyl when I'm cleaning my house and let it play all the way through. Oasis's best album since Be Here Now. Thanks for nothing, Noel.


Listening to this whole album made me feel like I'm listening to Oasis. Liam's a legend and he's a reincarnation of John Lennon.


Good to have you back, mate!


Liam is so talented! There is not another artist like Liam or his brother. Oasis is timeless and I dream for them to get back together and to tour again. But I must say that that these two brothers are absolutely amazing together and apart. Great Album! Absolutely love it!



Ryan 989

Great to hear he’s back to form!


It’s like after the embarrassing joke that was *snicker* Beady Eye, this coke-beaked clown threw his hands in the air and finally understood he had no talent and owes his entire existence to his brother, who could actually, you know, write a song. So, he hired people to ape Noel’s writing style. And here we are, with a new album from everyone’s favorite sissy temper tantrum thrower, Little Liam. And guess what? Wait for’s super lame. But not because of how he paid guys to come in and try and make him sound talented and “rock n roll” (again: snicker...he never was) like when he was riding his brothers coattails in Oasis. No. It’s lame because of who he is and always has been: a poser. A tourist. A hanger on. This clown is nothing. He never was anything. His voice is crap. No emotion. No range. No tone. No swagger. Nothing. He just sounds like the same resentful little twit doing the same thing he’s always done: singing other people’s words, over music other people wrote, to try and trick people into thinking he’s some dated idea of “rock n rock!” Hahaha! I love seeing this loser embarrass himself. Go peddle your clothes, Little Liam. You never should have forgotten where your bread was buttered, you pasty, ugly hack.

dicky muhammad

Album of the year!




Awesome job Mr. Gallagher


...I’m so happy that he finally got responsible & disciplined with his gift few are given, & worked on getting his tone, clarity, strength, & overall delivery back in that voice. For too long I was pretty worried he wasn’t ever going to realize that muscle needs to be taken care of & properly maintained to keep what you’re blessed to have. Cause for a while there, mainly in live performances during the mid to late 2000’s I was sure he had just lost it, without concern or care, but with this album, thankfully, put all throes worries to rest, & yes, he’s sounding better than anything he has done in over a decade. The songs are great, from beginning to end the lineup is flawless, with great standouts like, “Bold”, “For What it’s Worth, “Wall of Glass” (for starters) are instant classics. “As You Were” (what a great title), is what we’ve been waiting on for quite a while. And honestly, between this album, & Green Day’s “Revolution Radio” just might be the best 2 albums in rock for this year (2017). Highly Recommend.

Thought Passion Action

If you ain't listening to Liam Gallagher's As You Were, you ain't listening to Rock n Roll. Love every track on this album. The more I listen to it, the more I keep coming back to it. Thanks Liam.


Great album. Best song is Paper Crown. 7-8 really really solid tunes. Nice job


Walked off stage at Lollapalooza 4 songs into his set... will NEVER spend a cent on this self centered so called artist again.


Oásis is better , but LG rules!


Real Music Real Rock and Roll Real Meaning Real Soul


What rock n roll needs right now!


Just brilliant...Liam's voice is incredible. Rock on!


Sounds loud, sounds great. A powerful punch through all the crap that is out there. Liam thank you for the tunes


Liam really put an A+ effort into this album. Questioned whether he could cut without Noel's guidance. He can stand on his own without him. This album concretely proves this.


As a musician myself I am blown away especially with "Iv'e all I need". What a beautiful composition. I wanna cover it. I'm a guitarist and this album rocks. From an American Guitarist like me this is the best album of 2017 from any artist. This rocks.🙂


great album!


The power to save, heal, grace and to provoke. Its all still a part of Liam's mission.


I am a big Oasis fan, despite the brothers have gone their separate ways. Liam still sounds incredible. Very catchy and melodic songs. Great stuff!!


Pure Shiite!!


Liam Did a good job


GREAT Album! Great vocals and great guitar!

Scolding a Banana

Noel's clearly the better talent. Looking forward to some High Flying Birds in November.

Megan 0571


The Saltiest Kid You Know

Amazing, team LG about to crush Noel


Sounds like The Rutles


This album is perfection from start to finish. LG proving he is and will always be a Rock ‘n’ Roll star.


Awesome album! Good to have another Gallagher in the music stream!!


...Liam is a douche and Noel’s album will be infinitely better.


Listening to Paper Crown gives me the is the perfect song for me and easily one of my all-time favs. Wall of Glass, Bold, For What It's Worth, and I've All I Need will all be in my top plays. No song to be skipped on this one. The rock 'n' roll star is back!

Dr. Saint Louis

Seriously shocked by how good this is. I shouldn't be. But Beady Eye only had a few quality tracks. This, however, has tons of them. And, some of Liam's best work regardless of who he was fronting for - including Oasis.


Phenomenal record! Every track is outstanding... most notably Paper Crown and When I’m in Need.


Best 12.99 I’ve ever spent online!


What an album. Start to finish and the bonus tracks could even be A-Sides. So glad he’s back.


There's not one song I dislike on the album. It's perfect


Say what you want about the quality of the High Flying Birds product, but there are few songs that make me move so much as move me. This one makes me move. The ballads have style and character, the rockers pound the hell outta my eardrums and the malodies are dynamite on the other bits. Noel Gallagher once said that Liam might be one of the better songwriters in the coming decade and he seems close to the mark. While certain "critics" have criticized the lyricism on this record, i don't think anybody listens to Oasis to hear Robert Frost any more than Star Wars fans are looking for "Apocalypse Now." Rock-n-Roll ain't never been about "reinventing the wheel," it's about this ^^^^


Best rock album of the year! Liam is the only real rockstar on this planet.


Sorry for the long review but.....I've been awaiting the release of this album since I first saw Liam play "Bold" in the pub with the infamous table drummer (if anyone knows who I'm talking about). Anyways I pre-ordered the album and got it downloaded here as soon as it came out and just gave it a listen. My thoughts: Some will love it some will hate it as with anything. Overall I love the songs, no songs that I immediately want to skip. Lyrics are as expected from any Oasis related music (Beatles references, one line phrases, random rhymes etc) The songs are mainly as Liam stated all in your face nothing too flashy and no long solos with most of the songs about 3 minutes or so on average. His voice is crisp and clean. (Although I preferred if he included slightly more of his raspy snarl) Good balance between mid-tempo and ballads on here. As far as the production goes it's very different than anything else that Liam taken part of you can definitely tell they tried to play it slightly safe as there isn't really too many of the roaring guitar Oasis fans are familiar.I didn't necessarily think this was a bad thing though. Overall a superb album and it seems as though Liams trying to make his music a little more contemporary sounding compared to past work.(Even going as far as saying its a little poppy) I'm glad Liams back on the music scene! To wrap it up a superb album, IMO I think he should have produced it more like the live versions as some may agree. Heres some of my personal favorite songs here (No particular order): 1) Wall of Glass 2)For What it's Worth (most Oasis sounding) 3)I Get By 4)Come Back to Me Can't wait to see him this November! Definately buy the album!


Bloody great m8

Not you bee bop country

Just what I expected from the legendary voice of Liam. Great album!


Best album of 2017. Madferret!! ✊🏼🇬🇧🍺


‘As You Were’ demonstrates some of the finest vocal work Liam Gallagher has ever done in his multi platinum career. Liam’s solo work stands on its own and rivals the classic Oasis albums that launched the band into the stratosphere. A phenomenal mix of classic rockers and mid-tempo anthems that will rival brother Noel Gallagher’s solo work, maybe even surpass.


Great new songs from Liam. Great vocals and everything.


Liam Gallagher has a lot to say. A lot of people and the press don't take him too serious at times. It's natural to put brother against brother in the album popularity war, but I really think that Liam should not be overlooked. I was not a huge fan of Beady Eye, but I loved "Be". The man can write a very decent song with some pretty deep lyrics. I applaud him for continuing to put himself out there and rock us. I cannot wait for this album. It's going to be great!!