Ariana Grande - Sweetener

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Sweetener Tracklist:

The buzz123

this album 😘😘

Doughnut Daydreams

I really love the singles from Sweetener. No Tears left to Cry is a beautiful masterpiece. God is a Woman is also beautiful and atmospheric. Breathin is on my quarantine playlist and it really is a gorgeous track, it just was a little overplayed. The rest of the album isn’t very good, though.


i love it


woulda been better without oinika minaj on it




I love god is a woman!


Ariana is the queen of pop 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🥇


my favorite album from ari 💕✨


I’m not too crazy about Ariana’s music, I’m too old fashion for that. But I can listen to those powerful yet soothing vocals all day. As a matter of fact listening to this album back in ‘18 helped me get through some rough times. There’s way too many songs in this album, some fun, some silly but it gives Ariana enough room to experiment without having to compromise. When she gets down to business though (God is a Woman, Breathing, No Tears Left to Cry, Get well soon) that’s when the true essence of her raw, god-given talent shines through. Watching her perform these songs live is something that has to be experienced.

Destiny Escamilla

the best album out there

kbpcoolawsome323 _YT

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 it’s amazing but a bit better I know she tried her best with this album. so this is why I gave her a 4 of 5 stars ⭐️ I hope you Ariana understand my opinion!


This album is amazing. It is different form Ariana’s past releases. The fact that her annoying pop fans don’t like Pharrell production is a joke. I am definitely into that she will work with him more. raindrops (an angel cried) 10/10 Whoever says that this track is short, I think person doesn’t get concept. It is intro and intros are never supposed to be long. The track is very beautiful. It gives me goosebumps. blazed (feat. Pharrell Williams) 7/10 I love this song like all others. I love the beat, I like Pharrell’s verse. It’s not my favorite, but it is good to dance to. the light is coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) 9/10 I know you all hate this song, but I really like it and it has amazing message. I like the trap sound and also Nicki’s verse. Amazing! R.E.M 8/10 This song is actually cover. But Ariana’ version slaps. It is beautiful love chill song. It gives me nostalgic sound. God is a woman 9.5/10 I am not fan of this song like everyone is, but of course song is amazing. Also, whoever says that she is disrespecting monotheistic religions are literally sensitive dumb people who never heard of metaphors. By the way, what is disrespectful by saying that God is a woman. 🤷🏻‍♀️ sweetener 7/10 I love everything about this song, but verse. I like the production. successful 10/10 I love this song so much. Especially the beat. Production slaps and I am just like WOW. Why do some of you dislike Pharrell. Amazing. everytime 6/10 This song is so loved, but it’s just no to me. I mean... I love the song. It’s cute, but not my favorite. breathin 10/10 No more words than AMAZING HEALING SONG that is like a drug. Therapy. no tears left to cry 10/10 I still remember how I was happy when Ari dropped this song. So nostalgic. One of my favorite songs by her. It gets overplayed so fast, but track is beautiful. borderline 5/10 Prolly the last favorite track. It is not the best. Not fan of this song so much. better off 10/10 I don’t know, but this song is so emotional. The beat in the background hits me every time. Just WOW! Why is everyone hating this album. (Just boring pop fans that want some catchy songs hate this album and who listen to Shawn Mendes, Camila and Selena. BORING) goodnight n go 10/10 WOW This song is sad. When I remember how she sang it perfectly on tour, it tears me up. The fact that she remembers Mac while singing this song. Ugh! I can’t pete davidson I can’t give rating to this song. It is short and is like short outro to the album. This track is only hated because of the name, but is really cute. I love it so much. Tip: Listen to it when your in love get well soon 10/10 Definitely my favorite song from album. I love it so much. I like the message. AND ALSO THE PRODUCTION. Amazing track! Overall: 9/10 It is her best album with best production. I highly recommend it.


this is my medicine

si da guy

So is Ariana


I love this album so much it makes me feel confident I love Ariana so much


I love every part of effort that you put always I will tell you I love you very much you are my whole life thank you for everything🥺❤️❤️


This is great❤️ She has the most beautiful voice in the world !🌎 This is my jam!

Saratoga XC

Not the biggest Ariana fan but this turned me into one. Amazing production and vocals


Sweetner you were sweet I love it 💘😩

Cutie Pie Girl 2009

Ariana's songs are beautiful and dreamy. I love the way her voice sounds, her voice reminds me of an angel. I'm glad that her album shows up more colors. R.E.M. really does remind me of rainbow clouds. Pharrell Williams produced the music perfectly, I loved "successful". I think the full album is heaven. ☁️✨ (None of her songs are explicit except TLIC, Breathin’, & Better Off)


I love you ari but So far this is the worst album by u but that does not mean i don’t like it


the mother i’ve never had she is the sister everybody would want and the friend everybody deserves. i- i don’t know a better person.


a very healing a beautiful album. the 40 seconds at the end of get well soon uhhh what a beautiful way to end the album

bruh hello :)

I love some of the songs in this album. I feel like she nailed the emotional connection, production, lyrics, and beauty on some of these songs. Including Better off, REM, Giaw, ntltc, everytime, Get Well soon,Good night and go, and Breathin. Some of these songs were just not the stuff though. I actually don’t mind sweetener I think it’s cute and uplifting but, successful, the light is coming, blazed, and borderline are just off and repetitive. Anyways I wish I could give this five stars this album because does have some beautiful bops. Ranking 1. Better off 2. God is a Women 3. Get Well Soon 4. R.e.m 5. Breathin 6. Good night and Go 7. Every time 8. Sweetener 9. Successful 10. Borderline 11. The Light is coming 12. Blazed


2 songs I like out of.... not even sure!!


Started stanning in this era

poop doctor!

Stop writing rude reviews


As the title says, I love it. You did a good job! Don't listen to the haters!!!

Princess Meem 💖👑

I remember when Ariana used to be good. The 5th track on this album is so disrespectful. Lost all respect for Ariana.


I love her tribute to the Manchester Attack and all who were injured. Much love to her


She had so many songs that flowed well with each other yet had a different genre. Can we talk about talent 🖤🖤🖤


People really want to take issue with this album but it's really such a good album. I could've done without Raindrops--I think it's boring and pointless, and a few of the other tracks are fillers to me--but not bad fillers; but about half the album is fantastic. Goodnight n Go is her best song, NTLTC is her best single and one of her best songs, TLIC is her most underrated song and is great, and the others are just so smooth and so sweet. I kind of wish TLIC and R.E.M would switch spots with Borderline and Breathin, so the second half of the album could be all the best tracks together. Overall, the incredible success she got with the following album she should've had with this one--it's the better collection and the one that really deserved it.


ariana best album. love it sm!!! so proud of her growth and wooooooo these vocals man. insane.

I need them now!!!!!!

she snapped oh my lawdie

Lego Mace Windu

With Pharrell on a lot of the beats on this album, it sounds like such a fresh style for Ariana Grande and makes for my favorite project of hers so far.

Maddie M 🥀🖤

It’s just ok. I’ve heard better songs by Ariana though.


this is the best album ive made, it feels like my own thing and my own style. i finally feel like myself again and i think i found my comfort zone. issa big thing for me and i have no words...🖤 last year was a very hard and emotional for me and my depression was at an all time high. but the fans, u guys make me go on that stage and give you everything i have... and nothing less i promise... sheesh. i really hope you feel what i feel with the tracks and samples pharrell and i put in this album. this is one album that hasn’t been black and white as u can tell. its about bringing light into a situation and into someones life. like happiness, love, womanhood, and strength. pharrell and i wanted to prove it to you in this album that everything is not always negative and hate. its about equality and love and positive things. one of my favorites on this album is R.E.M. it’ll feel dreamy and sweet and cloudy🌫 and it’s a very cute little song that’ll make you wonder if it ends or not. this was really fun to write, make, and record.😂🖤 singing just makes me feel free and helps me step away from the anxiety and depression i face. it makes my heart feel better , ive been feeling so anxious lately and it all lifts off when i sing. its the most best thing.i promise u will love what will be coming in the future. i wont let you guys down again.🌫🥺🖤 thank u to pharrell, scooter, max martin, cory, jeremy, andrew, mike, jon, pete🖤, knocdown, phil, nicki minaj, ilya , ilya ilya!!!, victoria mc., melissa elliott, (or missy) and more and of course the fans. without yall i wouldnt have a fourth studio album right now with 15 beautiful songs thank u so much i dont how much i love yall. thank u and enjoy 🖤


beautiful album i love it


lord plz return my wig because this album got me hella shook. I love the harmonies, the beats I love everything ari keep continuing what u do sis love u


Ofc y’all saying it’s garbage but garbage doesn’t win Grammys


Why did you think it was a good idea to put this garbage out?

imvu is broken



I love you Ariana but on the Ellen tv show you laughed and that kinda messed it up no offense I love you Ariana!

I ❤️ sweets

This kind of music sounds weird... I’m not sure if I want this album😒☹️




Love this album!!!!!!❤️❤️

Kevin NP

Overall, Sweetener is an impressive album with its artistic visuals, personal lyrics, and different sounds. It’s a whimsical but heartbreaking story about life experiences through Ariana’s perspective. I believe this breathtaking record is worth a listen over the weekend because the album serves as a guide with directions on how to prioritize mental health and work on self-love. There’s a saying that people often quote to encourage optimism in the face of adversity. “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Similarly, that logic applies here. Like a cup of coffee, sometimes a “sweetener” is needed to make sure everything isn’t bitter in life.


Best album of the year! I love you ari! Keep slaying girl!!!#queenofpop❤️😘😍


to sexy for me I HATE HATE HATE HATE it it’s so bad she is not the queen pop.

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