Anderson .Paak - Ventura

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Ventura Tracklist:


Dope album. Anderson paak is underrated.


Anderson paak is a music master. He is so groovy and smooth. One of the best albums of 2019. Such vibes on his albums but esspecially his last 3. This sounds exactly like Ventura. I grew up near that area and he captures that california santa barbara west coast kind of sound so well. The best thing was listining to this album in Ventura.


One of the best Artist and Performers in the industry right now. So much energy and would in everything he is doing. He still has hip-hop infused into R&B/soul with that psychedelic beach sound that The Free Nationals bring to create a masterpiece with some legendary artist included.


A timeless album that all ages can enjoy!


That’s how great this artist is


If you love soul, r&b, with a hint of psychedelic this is the album for you. There's also very powerful songs like King James. Much respect, true artistry is alive and well through people like Anderson .Paak




So tasty.


I’m very impressed first listen. Many singles


I’m sorry but this album is the ish! Heard the overly hyped solange album and I feel like it’s by far inferior to this album. Hopefully this album gets the same traction and credit it truly deserves. Really recommend!


I’m feeling the vibes!


much better than any other album that’s charting higher on the charts rn


Venice, Malibu, Oxnard & Ventura They will be played in that order. I love that each album has it own feel but they flowww together so well. I swear Ima need him to make an album every year! Dope Artist♥️


This album is dope. I don’t know what y’all hearing. It has a classicness to it.


NEW RORY AND MAL!!!! (if you know you know)

Troy Avenue

Hes putting together a great discography. Wish there was more like him


Anderson really impressed me with this album. Love the artist he chose to work on this time around. This album has a fresh new sound. Very chill and laid back vibe.


A must have. From start to finish.


Oxnard to me was a better album but this album is definetely wavy and has songs for date night. Also andre 3000 verse was fire jeez 🔥🔥💦


For me Ventura is wonderful from front to back ... Oxnard was just okay in my opinion (some gems on there though) But this.. this is GOLD

Erica A. Pugh

YES! Smooth soul, with a Cali feel. Please keep this sound. Smooth grooving.


This is good



Seola Free

Creative brilliance per usual.

Bailey Bo$$

Anderson Paak.’s Ventura album wasn’t bad but it was kinda boring. I was disappointed. He defiantly has creativity and he has a handful of good tracks in here. It was great to here Nate Dogg again, RIP. Aside from that the only other song I really liked was Make it Better with Smokey Robinson. I like some of his music but over all I just think his style is just somewhat generic. Oxnard bumped better because it had Dre beats but this album relies on weak production. I felt like it would be better with more features and with more involvement from Dr. Dre. I wouldn’t really recommend Ventura for anyone besides his core fan base. I do recommend the song Make it Better tho.

Cheeky JEB

This album is mad wavy, a great album to cruise in the car with the windows down. With that being said, this album is no Malibu or even Venice BUT it’s better than Oxnard.

Green Eyed Music Pro

When music has abandoned its rich tradition in talented, musical, RnB grooves, along comes A.P. Oxnard was hella organic and a lot to consume if you weren’t a true lover of musician ship and alternate melodies. While Ventura still holds true to what is becoming the A.P. Staple sound, it settles into a groove even the least musical technician can appreciate. It’s a pop and play album. Hit the play button and inhale the vibes. Job well done to all the writers & producers on another eclectic classic personification of real RnB! ICGreen do u c me?

President of the Beyhive 😉

This song is gonna be a big hit, I hope he makes it a single. Summer vibes. Brandy is the GOAT. 😩😍🔥


No just no! Pure garbage!


He went back to the essence of what made him stand out in today’s modern musical climate!


Best .Paak album yet - his diverse range of rapping/singing always shows

Carl Crofton

This album is very innovative, I love it


Most of the album sounds like leftovers from Oxnard, but their still nice to listen to even if its short on ideas.


Didn’t really like the last album compared to Malibu but this right here is the Anderson Paak we been waiting on.


How is this on ITunes?

Kobra king 312

whats so great about this album is that he goes back to his malibu vibes honestly a great album


Great step up from the last album Each song is crafted gracefully


Music is in good hands


Good b sides

I'm so hooked to this song

Anderson came with an album that was much more like Malibu than Oxnard, which I expected from the album’s roll up. Before the album released, I didn’t hear either of the two singles. I had heard good things about them both, and since I enjoyed Oxnard I lot, I was really excited for the album. I listened to it all today, and it was most definitely worth the wait. It’s much more polished than his previous efforts, and it features some of Anderson’s best material to date. I would definitely recommend this album. Anderson’s coming to CLE with Earl Sweatshirt and Thundercat, and I really want to go. I know he wouldn’t disappoint there just like he didn’t with this album. Props to Andy!


Thanks for this edition of soul! Beautiful work!


This is the Paak we need baby. Great Album

TWalk 1

Well I listened to a few seconds of the first song. I figured I wouldn’t be disappointed. I love your vibe. Plus Andre and Snoop...annnnnd Lalah.... of course it’s a no brainer


This album is amazing! I cannot state that enough! Definitely happy I pre-ordered thsi one.


Idk what it is about this dude I just don’t like him at all, don’t see what the hype is about. His music puts me to sleep


I love this vibe so much. This is some real good music. Gotta get my dancing shoes on!


Makes me wanna move. I dig this.


Great Album. Better than Oxnard.

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