Alter Bridge - Live at the O2 Arena + Rarities

℗ 2017 Napalm Records Handels GmbH

Live at the O2 Arena + Rarities Tracklist:

Linda Lee H.

Love Alter Bridge!!! The live album is awesome. The rarities are great to have for any TRUE Alter Bridge fan. I bought the double disc set that came with tour used guitar strings, pins, patch, lanyard and picks; a MUST have for any AB fan! Live this band!!!!


Fantastic CD and for the price and amount of songs you get this is a steal. Not sure about the other posts and calling this a bad cd or break out the b-sides. The live stuff and B-Sides are a great match, outstanding....Pick this one up, its one good song after another.


I almost never write a review, however the fact that they’re charging for live and rarities is total B.S. I think Jack Sparrow just sailed into town!


I'm a huge Alter Bridge fan -- one of the best singers in Rock'n Roll and one crazy amazing guitar man!! When the album was released, my first thought was why bother -- I already have everything AB -- including the Fret 12 DVDs on AB and MarkT. But...I must say that the live album is really, really awesome and it's great to hear them in a live setting where everything is a bit looser and raw. This is a great, great album and shows the true talent of this amazing band.


Lemme start by saying Ive been a huge AB fan since the first rlease. This is absolutely THE worse produced live release I have ever bought. The guitars sound like mud, just awful in the mix. The tempo on most of the tunes is so fast that the vocalist cannot sing them properly. He's stuck with speaking the lyrics or having the crowd handle it instead. But the tempo problem was on their last live release as well. Same problem where Myles couldn't sing the tunes due to the tempo being so fast. This release has cemented my decision to never buying another Alter Bridge Live release.


Everybody here has something bad to say about this album. This album is $14.69 on Amazon, and it has 30 SONGS!!! (13-song albums on Amazon are usually for $9-$11) AB put on a great show in London (that's where the O2 Arena is), and I love the album! All the haters shut your traps and just let people enjoy the best band in the world (besides Rush)!

Bravo one four

I'm a huge AB fan, especially Live From Amsterdam album, but the live portion of this album didn't really do it for me. Sound quality isn't great, and they don't seem to be as in to the music. However with all the studio albums included, if you don't have all their record already this is a good intro to the band.


I'm not buying an entire album of material I don't care to hear, (for $18 after taxes) just to get a few rare songs that I want. Record labels wonder why streaming and illegal downloads are so popular? Because they are crooks, that's why. If the rarities were released as an EP with a reasonable price tag, more people would have bought it.


I've already got ALL of the albums, but the rarities are what I'm looking forward to!!! Thank You Alter Bride. Click yes if you agree!!!! Don't like the fact the ALL of the Rarities are ALBUM ONLY!!!


Worth the purchase for the 6 songs I didn't have. Amazing band when these are the songs left off the albums. Its like a gift when I get new (old) Alter Bridge songs.


What is this album only BS?? Wow F U!! These b side songs are soo good but I am not trying to have 19 live audio tracks... I already own the first AlterBridge dvd/live cd. How dare they make these rare songs album only!?!


Alter Bridge!!! Best rock band out there today Just please put all the rarities available to purchase individually please ITunes!!! 😭 please!!! That would improve sales and ratings would be at like 5 stars!!! Please!!!!


Phenomenal as always, great live songs and bonus tracks!


As a fellow AB fan from the birth post Creed through now and always, I'll buy anything these guys release. I bought it strictly for the B-sides. And they kick a**! Solace is my personal favorite and it has that One Day Remains - Blackbird feel to it. And I miss that sound on the last 3 records. I understand bands change and need to evolve based on what's going on in the world and in their personal lives. I personally just prefer the sound/style of the earlier Alter Bridge records.


Understand the frustration about paying for songs u all already have heard but the B-Sides is enough for me to purchase this...cruel sun and solace are the only 2 songs I haven't heard on this and it was worth the purchase.


I intially blamed iTunes for this, but no matter where you go, you'd have to pay for the entire album. Napalm Records is actually the one to blame for making us buy the entire album. For years, fans just wanted a chance to buy the unreleased tracks but now we have to buy a bunch of live songs we may not want and bonus songs we already have? Most people already have "Zero", "Home", and "We Don't Care at All" as they are available on iTunes. Now people that already have them have to buy them again so we can get the other unreleased tracks. This is really frustrating as I've been waiting a long time for these rare tracks. I want to support Alter Bridge, but it would've been better if they just released an ablum for just B-sides. Because I want these B-sides that bad, I'll cave in and buy the entire album.


This band is just oustanding live! First class musicians.

Alter Brett

Always up for a up to date live record but I'm most excited about the b-sides. I have all of these but three from previous releases. Glad to finally get those early b-sides. They always seemed to be elusive. Keep at it AB, we love you!


All the rarities are album only...I don't want the live songs!! And I'm not paying 16.99 for it! Come on!!


Garbage move to make b-sides album only!


I can't wait to get this! A live cd AND their rarities all together?! Thank you, Alter Bridge!


Never disappoint 🤘🏼


Everything Alter Bridge does is great. So stoked for this.