AJR - Neotheater

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I love Ajr


It’s mah fav song! :3 P.S. plz make a clean version of this album!

sea cutecumber

This is the best album I’ve ever heard shout-out to AJR the best song in my option is Karma

Love AJR

I loooove AJR!!!!! Every day I wake up listening to them and listen when I get home!!! They should make more clean songs but they are still absolutely amazing!!!!!



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If you give this one star, you need to get some help


Best song I have ever got and always loved ajr


I was about to buy Dear Winter after hearing it on the radio for the first time and falling in love, but as it contains explicit content, my parents won’t allow me to. Please put out a clean option for people like me!!

Just one review for today.

I remember loving this album when it came out, and I still love it! I saw them in Dallas for this tour and it was even more mesmerizing. I was curious to see what other people thought of this album and I’m sorry to say this review won’t really be about the album itself, but more about the other reviews. I do think there should be a clean version because I do have restrictions on my phone and can’t listen to songs marked as explicit anymore. But I think the people saying that using explicit language means you don’t have a very great vocabulary is absurd. Let people talk how they are most comfortable, not how you are. I find the people saying “if an album has a song called ‘Don’t Throw Out My Legos’ then it’s definitely trash” quite inconsiderate. I mean, I don’t think they’ve even listened to the album or even that song because if they did, they would understand why it’s called that. Lastly, the people saying that AJR shouldn’t be writing about politics and that what they’re saying isn’t right are very close-minded. (I’m talking to a specific person now.) You don’t have to agree with it. I bet if they were writing a political statement that you agreed with, you wouldn’t have a problem with it. Also that’s not even what they were saying at all you were just overreacting. Now, as a positive note and something actually about the album. I am a songwriter and I have always looked up to AJR. When I heard about this album coming out I was so excited. It did not disappoint. I remember staying up until midnight to wait for this album to come out and then listened to it immediately. Every song on this album is so perfectly crafted and amazing. I still tear up listening to “Turning Out pt. ii” and “Dear Winter”. I still get chills every time I listen to “Karma” and “Finale (Can’t Wait To See What You Do Next)”. And every time I’m down, I listen to “Break My Face” and “The Entertainment’s Here”. It blows my mind that it’s been almost a year since this album came out. I hope you continue to make music the way you want to and thank you for inspiring me to do the same.

lola vdp

AJR is the best band EVER!!!! Get this album and many more!!!

brady r creasy

Don’t even get me start it on how garbage it is it just comes out as fake it’s like people that have no touch with reality people that enjoy this album have no clue what they’re going to go do in life also the job bellion rip off is insane

no no no no no no no noooo

very corny and tasteless


I loved this album but just imagine Marshmello and AJR....

come on let me or 1 star

I love this song but I can’t listen to it I don’t want to pay so pls don’t make me pay or I’ll give ac1 star!




weak is better, but 100 bad days is still fire


This band has gotten through some tough times the are so under rated


They are amazing

Zoname 😎🤪💜❤️🥴

Not as good as the click, but NICE JOB AJR




This is a five star review to make up for all the idiots who did not even buy the album and saying it’s trash It’s great the song don’t throw my legos is great and I do not even buy the album


I can’t. I’m obsessed with them. I loved FUN and I feel the vibes of that here... except literally on this album EVERY song is catchy... ugh Dear Winter? I’ve listened 100000 times probably. So good.


WHERE THE F*CK IS THE OVERTURE. It an amazing album but the overture is usually one of the best parts of the album and I think ajr could put together a pretty good overture for this album. I pre-ordered it the day it went up for preorder, and I’m happy with my purchase. I’d give it 4 and a half stars if it let me because there’s NO F*CKING OVERTURE! F*CK AGGAHAHANDFHWJXNSUBSHCHDNXHEGEGDHSHHBehe


Went from their first album, to the Click, which is insanely good, but it got even better, and I have no idea how. Despite the very low reviews on some reviewing sites for this album, I really enjoy this album, and share it with all my friends. Their theme, throughout of having a perfect world is wonderful. I hope they keep writing music.


I loved this album because some of the songs I really relate to on a personal level. Next up forever reminds me of being the hopeful kid who is half ready for life to start, and the scars child who wants to remain a child forever Because they think “what if I’m not quite there yet?” Don’t throw out my legos gave me that same feeling. Like that insecure, nervous, nostalgic, sort of desperate vibe that accompanied me my whole life. Listening to those two were like something, someone was holding my hand, telling me you’re not alone in this. Karma, well, that song spoke for itself. It was also in that desperate, frightened tone that made me feel like I was lying on a couch in my therapists office begging them for answers and a solution. I admit, I cried. Wow I’m not crazy I admit I went and openly weeped in the car because it was like the song “you will be found” in dear Evan Hanson. It actually made feel like a warm blanket was wrapped around me while my friends sat with me saying “we understand and love you. Do not change because you are not crazy, you are perfect.” And it made me so happy. Dear winter was very sweet, and cute. I love his hopefulness in his voice. He sounds like a sweet 13 year old boy. Birthday party I simply enjoy because of the message. How amazingly it sums up childhood innocence. And those are my favorites. Buy the album and enjoy the album. Worth every penny. Promise. Agriato!!!

Ninjago lover :):):)

There song are form the heart


This is the most beautiful album that’s come out of their living room. From the first note of Next Up Forever to the “oh okay” at the end of Finale, it’s so well-written and touched my heart. These boys create such vivid images and tearjerking moments with their music, and what better example of that creativity than this album! I’m so proud of how far they’ve come, and I can’t wait to see what they do next. 😉


I can’t even begin to understand the way these songs make me feel. They are totally the most amazing and true thing and they put soooo much effort into each song and it’s just so amazing


Yo I love y’alls music I have heard all songs ever since burn the house down. My favorite song is probubly 100 bad days


The only thing these guys have is a ability to write a catchy chorus. Don’t let all the 5 star reviews fool you. When you buy a album that has a Explicit warning on it and there’s a song called “Don’t Throw out my Legos,” you know there’s something wrong.


Neotheater is telling a story and I love how it’s different from the other artists. I hope that AJR will continue to make albums because this is amazing and something new. The lyrics are catchy and I keep listening to your music. In my opinion I think that this is the best album. You guys have so much talent and you guys need to show your awesome talents. I listened to past albums and I love them but, I think Neotheater is the best one you guys have made.


Awesome album, great style.


Honestly don’t have enough time to tell you everything great about this album. Just trust me, you’ll love it.


burn the house down is amazing but I can't buy it because it has bad words so if you could consider making clean versions of your songs


All of these songs are awesome but I just wish that there was a clean version because not everyone wants to hear the f-word in music or even he’ll or OMG.


No words. One of the best albums I have ever listened to. Highlights: Karma, Break my Face, the entertainments here, next up forever, finale

sophie nissenbaum

i love ajr and i have since the beginning, they outdid themselves with this album!! and i’m going to their concert!!


I really love AJR, their albums are very creative! The click hooked me on them and I was hyped for this album. but I don’t like how they didn’t have a clean version. I mean, the cursing is unnecessary really. You can still make an awesome album and have no cursing. ;) I didn’t even buy the whole album. but if the cursing was absent I would’ve totally bought the whole thing. I really love them and hope to see what they do next.

dis boi 777

Wish there was a clean version


this is a really nice improvement to the sound that the click was going for. the lyrics have improved the most, and sound like they know what they’re trying to talk about in most songs. there’s a nice mix of style between The Click and The Living Room in this one. a couple sound like radio bait so this album gets a 4/5

ice smither

You guys have so many good songs you need to do more

Ethan Wayne /

I’m very picky when it comes to music. I’ll often find a song that’s enjoyable but seldom does the whole album prove to be a masterpiece. AJR produced an album that defies the status quo and brings to life an entirely new sound that is undeniably amazing. Each and every song has meaningful and beautiful lyrics coupled with the musical talent of the band. If you listen to one album all the way through this month, choose Neotheater.


I cannot explain in words how much I love this album 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️


Legos? Beats by Dre? Parties? Clowns? The songs are catchy but the lyrics are garbage


I love AJR.. I saw them in Tulsa last year.. Used Apple Music to download all their music. Here is the but.. Politics, and unnecessary language. That’s the reason for the two stars. America is very welcoming to LEGAL immigrants. That’s why everyone wants to come here. But as usual those on the left just say immigrants, and never see the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. If you don’t see any difference, that is fine, but I don’t need to hear it in a song. Female president? How about just the best person for the job? It’s sexist to claim a woman would be a better president, just because she is a woman. You should release a clean version, for those of us who have a vocabulary, and don’t need profanity in their lives.