Aesop Rock - Freedom Finger (Music from the Game)

℗ 2020 Rhymesayers Entertainment, LLC.

Freedom Finger (Music from the Game) Tracklist:


KOWP is an instant classic, and the timing in perfect because Aesop invented social distancing.


Don’t be a dummy, just buy it. Duh

R Smithington Esq

Everchanging as always. If you're in here reading this, you're likely a fan already. Or you are a fan of ASAP Rocky and illiterate. For those who know of this dude's verbal mastery, this EP will definitely tide you over until his next full length. You can tell that he has been sharpening his blades since rhyming beside Homeboy Sandman. He is a beast on the vocal tracks on here.


Aesop kills it as usual. Why am I not surprised?! Keep it up Aes! You’re the man!