Adele - Skyfall

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Skyfall - Single Tracklist:

Trust and Us



Love it so much such a moody ballad, it just continues with such a punch of emotions!




She is so amAzing!!! Excelsior and good job! This song should be in Avengers:Endgame for when they are fighting a round two with Thanos. Thanks Adele!!


Adele es magnifica con su voz 😍 me encanta esta canción ❤️


Love the song a lot


Queen Adele!

Strong Eco Warrior Wombyn

She was born to sing with the angels in heaven!!

Boom girl 900

It is amazing the song was made for the movie she was made to sing the song I love it I totally recommend it it's on my list of favorites


This song is I far Adele's best song. It shows the highs and lows of her magical voice. I get chills every time I hear it. The music is a perfect fit for the movie as well. It moves you and surrounds you with magical movements. Adele, I will always look up as the Sky Falls!


What an awesome song!! What an awesome singer!! Love it!! #Adele #Wow_Wow


It's the best music I have ever heard


Greatest thing since sliced bread. 😝😝😝😝😝 😝😊😊😊😊😊😝 😝😝😊😊😊😝😝 😝😊😊😊😊😊😝👍 😝😊😊😝😊😊😝 😝😝😝😝😝 Best thing ever.

Wil Lo

I love this song so much, it's catchy, it's empowering, it's just altogether good sounding to the ear. She reminds me of Sia in this song.


Best James Bond song in existence!!

Ethan Wheelio

First of all Adele doesn't just make albums to impress the fans she makes great quality songs. She doesn't cuss and she doesn't scream she actually has the vocal capability of these songs. And her voice is like no other in this generation. She has great quality and no bad side the only thing I would say to improve is to come out with more music! She makes the chart toppers because she makes great music! She isn't just a one day #1 Hit. She deserves #1 because she sells music not crap! No one can talk bad about her because they can't do better than her! So don't be a hater!

Pumpkin Pie🐯

It's pretty good but I kinda wish she was a little louder than she was it's a powerful song and it needs a powerful voice not a quiet one.


From the moment Adele was announced as singing the theme song for the new James Bond film, Skyfall, I knew that we are in for a treat! When the chorus that consist of the words "Let the sky fall/ When it crumbles/ We will stand tall/ Face it all together" first leaked, I started wondering how she would make a good song out of it! Then the first minute or so leaked and all of my doubts were squashed quickly! I then waited for the full song to come out and even before the movie came out, I already knew that this was one heck of a theme song, a James Bond theme song, in particular, the best one I've heard in recent years! I also knew that it had a lot of potential of garnering many awards, probably going as far as getting nominated for an Oscar! And when it did, I was surprised on how similar the critics have the same opinion as I do. Adele has done so much now for her career, winning so major awards, from the Grammys, to the Golden Globes, and now the Oscar for Best Original Song, and she's only getting started! I wonder what she will do next, but I'm sure that whatever it is, it's going to be as good or even better than what she has done right now!

This song makes me so happy.

When I listen to Adele I'm amazed! I love her music so much.❤️❤️❤️😘😘🐢


It is so amazing. Then I play it over and over again. Best song ever


I wish I could rate it 4 1/2 stars. I like it but I've heard better. Kinda sounds like hands of love by Miley Cyrus. Which I like that song btw.


This is the best bond song ever! And there are plenty to choose from!


Awesome song


As others have said, this is a perfect combination of voice and music. Can you hear the brooding bass riff echoing The Bond Theme? Very nicely done. And, my god, that voice. Adele DOES harken back to earlier powerful vocals in the series: take a close, loud listen to Shirley Bassey on Goldfinger.


Queen of true music!!!




If you like the sound of cats and owls dying horrible deaths… then this is the artist for you.


It is simply the best Bond song ever made thus far. Adele is just brilliant.


One of the best if not the best bond and adele songs ever!!!!! Very James Bond!!!

Arm1n 44

The best music in the world!


Listening to it gives me chills, the song is that good


Bond films are known for their epic sound track and theme songs. The producers manage to get some for the best artists of the times for the performances and Skyfall is no exception. Adele is at the top of her game and this not only one of her best, but arguably the best Bond theme ever!

That Person With a Pet Dog

I don't like it ; it's not the usual .

Zoe G.G

Amazing!! Plz do more!


Great song to go along with a great movie


Adele's beautiful voice matches perfectly with a smooth, spy mood. Absolutely great.


Excellent voice, one of my favorite singers, Can you please sing blue eyes crying in the rain.

Fgsh f

Me likey

burkey is awesome

Movie was awesome but the song is beast

Mosa blue

I 💛💙💜💚❤💗 Adele she is by far my favorite singer!!! And this song is defiantly my favorite!!!! I don't know anyone who doesn't like it! U people who don't like this song are just plain stupid...


Beautiful voice. We need more of her and less of Ke$ha or Miley Cyrus.


Love it!


I was so happy when I heard Adele was chosen to be the singer for the intro song of Skyfall. I knew that she would delieve the goods. Adele definitely did an amazing job. The song has a beautiful yet haunting sound. I think that her James Bond song is just as amazing as the one for Goldfinger.


On a scale from one to ten is a ten.keep up the great work Adele :)


This version suits the purpose of the quintessential Bond theme, but the orchestration overpowers Adele's voice -- a poor production choice in my opinion. Fans and aficionados need to hear a stripped down version, just Adele and a 5 piece band.


Adela' s 007 movie song(sky Falling ) was and is-fantastic.


She seemed a little off on this. Her voice doesn't have the usual power it has in many of her other songs, but, nevertheless, it is a great track. The lyrics are great, even a little relatable, and she is amazing.


I don't really care for Adele's songs, however this one is good! Try more like this!