AC/DC - Rock or Bust

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Rock or Bust Tracklist:


Now, I’m 11 so you wouldn’t expect me to listen to AC/DC but that band is the best thing to ever happen to the whole genre of hard rock. With great guitar riffs, and songs that tell stories, this rock‘n’roll band will go down in history! Ps: RIP Malcom Young




It’s a great album It basically feels like a follow up to Black Ice I recommend getting this If you like the newer sound of AC/DC If not buy the Blow up your video album Instead now that’s an 80s album


Even though I may not own this on iTunes, I own a cd copy. Love to jam to it almost everyday. Recommend for every body out there. Rock and Roll ain't noise pollution hip hop/pop people.

Saint Lewis Band

I've been listening to these guys since I was in the 5th grade, & apart from Highway to Hell, & Back in Black, this is my fav CD they've released. The new blood in the band bring just a touch of something new to add with the old, to mix things up & make it fresh. The songs are full of hooks, & the guitar playing is SPOT ON. This one was so good that it made me dig out the rest of their catalog & revisit the ones I'd forgotten. I sure hope Brian can return to the band!

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I've been seeing ac/dc live since 81 but lets face it , their great Brian era material died in the late 80's.( (when they let Brian have input) The last really good one was BUYV . Razors Edge was pretty good too but its been down hill since. Ballbreaker even had standout tracks like self titled,Hail Caesar,Burnin Alive,Boogieman even though the mix was bad. Stiff upper Lip was horriable. The title song was trying to be the great rranp off of bib but failed miserably. Despite Brians voice taking a nose dive it had a few nice ones ; house of jazz, hold me back,meltdown. BI was a pretty impressive return and so was Brians voice . Wow Rock or Bust . Angus obviously trying to write a single in Play Balland Rock or Bust . Both are cheesy as hell but i'm sure the sporting events will be playing the hell out of it during the games and the average Joe Blow who ,lazy Angus ,was trying to appeal to will be singing along and taking his wife to their 1st ac/dc concert . Angus is thinking $$$$$. Rock the Blues away,Rock the House, Sweet Candy all have strong ac/dc feel and nice riffs that are spread across the album b..But the songs as a whole sound like complete filler.Brians voice is in top form.The label has been hyping the hell out of this. Angus and Brian have been doing more interviews then they've did their whole career trying to sell those future concert tickets and top the record breaking BI tour as this might be it.


Simply the best rock band ever! Wish Brian was still singing with them. I hope they put another album out soon.


After all these years they still have it ! Brian sounds great. 3rd best album of the Johnson era behind back in black and black ice

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I love acdc and that they came back was a very good idea I really like the song Rock Or Bust And Play Ball I really thought they had quit thank you acdc for making a new album I was so desperate before this album was made thanks acdc

Money money 👻

I loved this album SO MUCH!!!! Great rock songs by the best rock band ever!!!!!😎😎😎😃😃😃 A must buy!


So I gave this album 5 starts because I love it. But I am really upset that these guys got rid of Brian Johnson for Axl Rose. What the hell are they thinking?!?!?! So this is probably the last album I ever buy from them. Sorry.

Guza bear

I know you will love the new album by AC/DC because they do R&R in a new way of their new album. I know you will enjoy the AC/DC album! For all the R&R lovers out there let your love for rock live in you forever!

Pass wind

They still know how to rock

Angry Batman

AC/DC is back and back strong, after losing Malcolm due to dementia the Young brothers nephew Stevie fills in nicely, somehow AC/DC while facing the possibility of caving into the pop trends they never did and they still sound like themselves unlike another band that I know (cough cough Def Leppard cough cough) while this may also be the last album with Rudd on the drums he gives a hell of a beat


AC/DC and Motorhead are the only rock bands that can get away with making the same album over and over again.

ACDC #1 fan

Love it


One of there best albums and every single song is the pure sweat and blood of Ac⚡️Dc. All y'all haters get get out because Ac⚡️Dc IS rock and roll and yes they might be old, and yes there albums are slower to make, and shorter but they are still THE BEST! Live on AC⚡️DC! Total rock and no bust, but great album name by the way😝.


This is such a great collection of music. I turn it on every time I get in the car.

Have Twins

Hey AC/DC, I've been listening to you guys since I was 8 years old and you guys became my heroes. I just went to my first live concert in Montreal, it was so amazing that I want to make a request to you guys: could you guys make an AC/DC Live at Montreal album? It would be so cool for me to relive this amazing memory. Thanks guys ROCK ON AC/DC!!!!!


I am 10 years old and I saw ac/ac at the MetLife stadium and I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!! You should get this album. It's SO GOOD!


Part of the title is correct… “BUST” -Not even one of these songs could make the cut to be released on "Flick of The Switch”... Let alone the stand-out Anthem LPs that persuade people to accept this effort. AC/DC can do way better and they know it! I will keep spinning it to see if it grows on me but I am extremely disappointed that I’m NOT blown away by this recording.


Is there anything groundbreaking or revolutionary on this album? No. Is it a solid AC/DC album? Yes. These older guys can still rock out.


This has been the band that I listen to about 95% of the time I listen to rock. This isn't sex drugs and rock and roll type rock. It's legendary rock that's know world wide :) notice how all their albums are $7-$10 each unlike modern day artist charging $15 the minimum. Illuminati confirmed.


Album after album the lyrics just continue to be less mature and predictable. As for the music, well, where’s the crunch? Where’s the power? Sounds like cool-aid to me.


Another great album!!


Rock and Roll never sounded better,AC/DC has got it ON,this is kickin it man...Long Live AC/DC.

Jerk McGerk

The album sounds incredible but, they don't seem to be trying new tempos. Because of this, all these songs sound very tired and the same to me. The last "fast" song they did was "safe in new york city" and that was awesome. I get that groove is their thing, but it just isn't very exciting.

Needs uplifting!!!

Nice to see the guys still can get it done. They should of used the song "Miss Adventure" during one of Scenes during the new Avenger movie!!!!! Thank You AC/DC for giving us some good rock n roll!!!



Gate 498

What can be said, THE GREATEST. MALCOM, MALCOM, MALCOM!!! You are missed.


Christmas 1990, I got my first ever CD player and Album at the age of 11. AC/DC The Razor's Edge. 24 years later they release Rock or Bust. This song could easily be placed behind Thunderstruck on the album and fit in perfectly. This band's music hasn't aged a bit.


Acdc is the greatest band of all time, and still making albums, can't wait to see them live


So relieved to see that AC\DC isn't changing with this screwed up world. Sticking to the original sounds and I couldn't be happier


None of that millennial electronic junk. This is basic good ol' rock and roll. Stevie does a great job filling in for Malcom. Great job guys, keep it coming.


Very suprised at how good this is. Brian sounds great...the band is tight.

Dirty little blonde pats fan

They're back to rock and roll is...they were my 1st concert at Boston Garden I was 16 years old and me and my girlfriend will NEVER FORGET how they rocked The Garden...Loud and Clear!

Tammy Denae

I think this is their best album yet! Love the intensity, rock and blues. Electric!

Tony from LA

At this stage in ther career, this is a great album. No, it's certainly not their best album ever but it's amazing they they have managed to stay relevant 40 years after the start of the band. They can all still play, and that's rare with some bands these days. They're still the same band after all these years. Long live AC/DC!


Excellent album to work out to!


Easily one of their top 5 albums. Not a single song can go wrong in this album, must buy.


They can't ever stop. They need to keep going. Replacing members who need out. Acdc spirit


Bought it totes worth it


ACDC is back and couldn't be better 😍😍😍😍⚡️⚡️⚡️


While I don't agree with some of the reviews stating that AC/DC hasn't made any good music since Back In Black, this is very sub-par. Granted they are older and the creative juices aren't the same as when they were younger (happens to all musicians), but don't they get tired of playing the same stuff over and over? Haven't they ever heard of the world evolve? The songs on this album all sound the same as one another and the same as all the songs on their last album. They need a fresher sound.


Great album. Good songs to work out to. Keep 'em coming, guys!


They've been on a roll of greats since Stiff Upper Lip. Little to focused on sex this time around though... little wierd.


The one thing you can ALWAYS count on ; Bands come & Go ~ but AC/DC remains the SAME!!!! I've been waiting for this new Album for a long time, it was/is worth the wait!!👏👏👏 That's why I LOVE AC/DC!! They don't try to be something they're not!! They're STR8 Up Good OL' ROCK & ROLL!!! Rock on, guys, ROCK ON!!!!!!!! I bought the entire album, and I'm not disappointed!!!!! ✌️👍✌️👍


Awesome This rocks Best acdc album yet

Carl Svanberg

This is the best AC/DC album since Back in Black. Seriously, it helped me out of my winter depression!


It's a good album,but alot of it seems at times to be a little redundant. And where are the scorching solos that has been an Angus trademark? I will always be an ACDC fan and wish them the best. I miss Malcolm and Phil and this album shows it.