Eric Nam - 우우

℗ B2M엔터테인먼트

우우 - Single Tracklist:


In my classroom this song has replaced "Happy" for transitioning/dancing/moving from one activity to another. It's a great upbeat song I just love it!

Love the Simpsons

Being a fan of all genres of music, this song is a pastiche throwback era of late 70's Off The Wall Michael Jackson and today's Bruno Mars. It's refreshing to hear some classic instrumentation like the brass and slap bass other than pure electronic/techno all the way. It's a fun, addictive, light, upbeat pop song that I could put on repeat over and over. I would love to hear more k-pop songs like this!


This song is amazing and makes you want to dance! I love this is how Hoya from Infinite is featured as well. Great job!!


Eric is perfect. Nuff said


Congrats Eric this song is amazing. I hope you can make more music like this in the future fighting!!!^_^


Go Eric! Dallas, TX


I ran across Eric Nam on Youtube and was instantly hooked. This is such a fun and funky song with a great beat. Since buying it, it's been on constant replay. Very, very happy with my purchase!


I love this song more than anything, and the the music video is wonderfully adorable. Definitely worth getting for the smilles it will bring to your face and the beats your feet will be tapping.


Love this song! Good job Eric Nam!!!


I cannot stop listening to this song. It's currently on repeat :)

Hannah Gardner

Eric Nam killed it, like always :D


Amazing song! After 15 months of waiting, it's all worth it because this is song is the best. 😄


Great danceable song. Worth buying.


Great song!! Catchy and upbeat!! Hwaiting Eric Nam! 😍


I like how upbeat it is. I haven't heard a song this lively in a while. It makes me happy^^


Digging Eric's attempt in this genre of music.